Monday, July 6


I realize it's been awhile. I apologize, but KR has been here for the week and so I'm happily distracted with best friend things. I'm also consumed with making a gift for a friend who just had a baby boy last Thursday. K is helping me tremendously. Her experience with yarn and needles supersedes mine by a whole lot.

(Proven by the conversation we had about a week before she came out to visit, trying to determine what pattern to use:
K: So how much do you know about knitting?
Me: I can knit, or purl, it's one or the other, I'm not sure, but I can do one of them!)

But she's a fine teacher, so I'm hopeful I'll be done before she leaves. I'll reveal pictures later this month after I've gifted it to its rightful little owner.

My excitement for today comes in the form of Etsy. I've mentioned Etsy before, I'm sure. But today marked the day of my first Etsy purchase. This is a big deal folks. I've been working up to this for about 2 years now. Seriously. KJK is dearest friends with JL, who makes AMAZING things out of silver and stone. This is her Etsy shop: The Noisy Plume Check it out, it's wonderful. I've been stalking her shop for a good long while. Her creations are simply gorgeous and full of heart, but many of them are just a bit too big for my britches. I have small britches, they go with my small fingers and my small feet. So I waited, I waited for just the right piece that would cry "This is ME!" and fit my budget. And this morning, I found it! I actually found it earlier, weeks ago, but someone snatched it up before I could get to it. But not today! Today victory was mine! Pressing PayPal has never been so satisfying.

Baby Bonbon Earrings, welcome home. I can't wait to have you arrive in the mail. And then dangle you from my ears. We're going to be happy together, I just know it.

This is JL's photo from her Etsy shop. Have you checked it out yet? Go!
Then when you're done, go to her blog and see lovely tidbits from her silver-smithing life.

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