Thursday, July 9

PSA : Do not mix cooking with Lightroom

Oh, Lightroom... how I love you. But you make me burn my waffles. I get distracted by all your buttons and presets and then I google "lightroom presets" and find myself showered with links to hundreds of free download-able presets and I get engrossed in organizing them (B/W, Vintage, Infrared, Holga) and I start to laboriously test them out on different photos, going back and forth between the presets and all the while I'm supposed to be supervising my waffle maker so that it doesn't burn my triple batch of yummy waffles. (Note: making a triple batch of waffles allows you to have WEEKS' worth of frozen waffles that can be grabbed and popped into the toaster at any time.) But nooooo... you, Lightroom, not only distract me long enough to burn one set of waffles, you have the power to distracted me AGAIN, after I've already chastised myself for thinking I could manage both things at once, and I burn them AGAIN. Not once, but twice. Well you will not fool me a third time, mainly because I'm out of batter. sigh.

This is an example of one of the B/W presets that is WAY contrasty (okay, apparently that's actually a word because it's not putting that nice little "red line" hint underneath it, huh.) but I really like how it looks applied to this picture from my brother in law and sister in law's wedding.

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