Wednesday, July 15

kjk : in pink

I had such a hard time picking which photos to post here. You have NO idea. It was proof that yet again, the best pictures often come at the end of the shoot, when everyone has relaxed, your guard is down AND you push the envelope, asking for things that seem ridiculous but in the end turn out awesome. I would like to publicly thank kjk for being such a good sport and for carting half her wardrobe (not to mention accessories) out to OP for this shoot. Also for being a spicy Asian, in addition to being a great friend.

Can you say, "Hot?"

And hotter.

Can't you just feel the grit?

This commences the "jumping bean" phase. Get ready. It's awesome.

I'm pretty sure in her other life she's an Asian Superhero.

Our spoils.

What's becoming my signature shot.


she said...

amazing :) the shoes make the woman. or the photographer makes the woman. after this experience i'm not sure which is more true! either way, in this case i'm lucky to have good shoes and an even better photographer.

lindsay michele said...

You're too kind. I think some of it was the subject :) said...

I LOVE your website! Did you design it? Very very cool!

Love your photography too...check out That's a friend of mine who is doing work for me right now in an upcoming CF Project.

I look forward to following you blog!


David said...

You shot yourself in the foot.