Friday, June 7

| the end of week two

Watching the sunset from a friend's apartment.

A stroll through Pike Place Market, trying to take pictures while dodging tourists.

Some time spent at the Museum of Flight on a First Thursday Free evening.

Celebrating National Doughnut Day in Seattle Coffee Works with a beautiful caffe latte.

I've used this phrase a few times in talking with people, but Seattle really is putting on a good show so far. The weather has been amazing, as everyone said it would be during the summer months. I don't know what our plans are for the weekend, but I'm sure it will involve more exploring, as we've only begun to scratch the surface. It's been great to live in a city again and walk everywhere. It also helps burn off all the calories I'm consuming trying out new restaurants, thankfully.

Monday, June 3

| Seattle, the first few days

A view from my seat inside the prop plane that took us to Charlotte.

My first glimpse of Seattle from the plane.

A panoramic shot from our balcony.

Our first coffee and donuts in Seattle at Top Pot.

A panoramic of the Puget Sound from my first run along the water.