Thursday, September 10

Stoltzfus Farm

During our abbreviated trip to Pennsylvania, we stopped by a farm owned by the Stoltzfus family. (For those of you from Lancaster County - yes, I realize that could mean a number of farms) Maybe I should say "A Stolzfus family." After city living, it was refreshing to pull into an amish farm off a country road and pick out pumpkins at my leisure, look in on the baby cows, peek at the horses, pet the dog, wander around one of the barns. It was just relaxing. Slower paced. Nice.

Side note: cows are easily spooked. I leaned over to pet one and scared three of them into running across to the other side of the pen. whoops. I'll stick with the dog.

Another side note: Yes, I carted pumpkins and indian corn the whole way back to Chicago. They're so much more expensive out here.