Wednesday, July 30


I'm working on revamping my website, so you may not hear much from me this week. I really can't wait to show you when it's all finished. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later!

Thursday, July 24

rice and beans (and onions and garlic)

Yesterday I made myself a little concoction for lunch. I sauteed some onions with garlic and added them into a rice and beans mixture.

(The bigger version of this picture seems nearly lifelike! It was taken with the help of my Grandpa's old tripod, which he so kindly let me have.)

I've taken a liking to sauteed onions and they complimented the spicy refried beans quite nicely.

But then I noticed this on the can of beans...

Think it'll be a problem?

Guess we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, July 23


Okay I normally try to keep this to just design/photo work but this I couldn't resist sharing. We saw Wall-E over the weekend and it was so adorable. I found these extra little vignettes this morning. You can watch them here.

I also had trouble finding a wide screen version of desktop wallpaper large enough, so I created one from what I found. It's made for 1920x1200 if any of you would like to use it! (Just click on the image for the larger version) There are more sizes and variations here.

Monday, July 21

another flower

I seem to have a thing for flowers recently. Or maybe that's just the photos that seem to turn out well.

Friday, July 18

bright and sunny

These are beautiful poppies taken at a friend's house in Colorado the last time we were back for a visit. Maybe some day I'll grow my own. But seeing as how I couldn't seem to keep bamboo alive, the chances are not good!

Thursday, July 17

polka dots

This bag was given to me by a dear friend (thanks, kjk) and I liked it so much I placed it on my office doorknob so I could see it everyday.

PS- Check out that awesome glass doorknob! How great is that?! (All my doors have them. It's very exciting.)

Additional side note: I ran (okay, walked) to the store this morning and was quickly reminded just how hot and humid it can get here in the summer. I had forgotten what it was like to have the tops of your hands sweat! Praise the good Lord for air conditioning and ice cube trays.

Wednesday, July 16

mr and mrs

My favorite picture from their first dance...

(my brother-in-law and new sister-in-law that is!)

Thursday, July 10

some past work

this was a thank you card i designed for a client a few months back before we moved. hopefully once our social calendar settles down i'll get back to drumming up some new designs. (and updating the website)

Tuesday, July 8

majestic mountains

as a shout out to the hoffers, this is what i miss about colorado. just look at those rockies! and it's unusually green there this time of year!


i'm not quite sure what to make of this picture. but i found it intriguing so i thought i'd share.

Tuesday, July 1

a view from the clinton stop

we have dear friends from colorado visiting this week, so we're frequenting the city a bit more with them. last night was pizza at giordano's. quite yummy, though i think i prefer the ny style that you can fold and eat. these were some shots i took while waiting for our train to head home.

and one from dinner, on which i went a little photoshop happy.