Tuesday, November 30

| a progressive dinner + journaling + camera

I hadn't gone out of the building since getting home Sunday. I was getting antsy and there was no good reason why I should stay in, so out I went tonight for a burrito bowl in the misting rain. Having been recommended by a friend, dinner was followed by a salted caramel hot chocolate.

(public service announcement: if you have not yet tried one, you really must. they're amazing. simply to die for.)

And then I did some window shopping on the way home, taking in the simple joy of Christmas lights at night.

Tuesday, October 19

| baby t.

My mind is consumed with the amount of things that are going to (and need to) occur over the next two weeks, so I did what any normal person would do... I avoided doing any of it and instead looked at baby pictures from a session over Labor Day weekend.

The world has waited quite some time for little baby t and I was thrilled to be a part of her celebration. I am looking forward to being only 130 miles from her (and especially her mom) instead of the 667 miles that I am currently. (yes, I just google mapped it)

Monday, October 4

| afternoon sun

We played in the fading sunlight and she did not disappoint.

on the other side of the camera, thanks to her...

Wednesday, September 1

| Do Fun Stuff

I'm a few days behind on this because, well, life is just a bit crazy at the moment. But better late than never, right? (at least that's what I like to tell myself) I stumbled upon Pacing the Panic Room at some point during the first maternity series and have been hooked ever since. I loved the photography and the writing was just so honest and down to earth.

On Monday they debuted a children's album to benefit a rare genetic disorder called Smith Magenis Syndrome. At the very least, check it out and educate yourself. Just knowing it exists is a step in the right direction. Then, play a few tracks from the cd and if you think it's as fun and catchy as I do, pick it up on iTunes and know that your money went to a good cause.

Find out more here.

Thursday, August 26

|baby e.|

I got so excited to share these I just hit publish without adding a note!

When M&B contacted me about doing a photo shoot for their newborn, I couldn't wait to get them on the calendar. It was such a treat to shoot in their apartment because it has these amazing windows in the front room. I'm pretty sure I mentioned how awesome they were multiple times during my visit. Much to our dismay, little E stayed awake through most of the session.

Thank you, M&B, for allowing me to capture some of these early moments in your new adventure as parents. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 24

sneak peek | baby e.

I'm almost done editing this session from last Saturday, but I just had to share a sneak peek of this adorable little one and his family.

Monday, April 12

| ticket to ride

Remember back in this post where I talked about the idea of a time lapse video of the game Ticket to Ride? Well, we finally got our own copy of the game, along with the 1912 expansion pack. Saturday evening we set it up with M's brother and sister-in-law and after much fiddling with the camera, we got the game underway. I've never enjoyed having a remote for the shutter as much as I did that night. It's fun to watch the train cards change color, hands move in and out, stations get built and trains criss-cross the board. Enjoy!

PS: Our sister-in-law left all of us in the dust. And the song is called "Us" by Regina Spektor from the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack. Great movie, great soundtrack.

Friday, February 26

|bobble hat - one size too big|

This is proof that the weight of the yarn AND the size of the needles make a huge difference. It was supposed to be a baby hat. But as you can see, it fits my head - whoops! I'm headed to the yarn store this weekend to pick up the right size needles and try again.

Friday, January 22

baby blanket

A while back I started a knitting project that I shared with you. But I had to keep most of the details a secret until it was gifted. Well, it is now keeping little M warm, so I can show it to you in all its full color glory.

PS: A special thanks goes out to KNR for confirming that the first pattern I found was written incorrectly (I kept ending up with additional stitches) and finding another that looked the same and worked even better.