Friday, January 22

baby blanket

A while back I started a knitting project that I shared with you. But I had to keep most of the details a secret until it was gifted. Well, it is now keeping little M warm, so I can show it to you in all its full color glory.

PS: A special thanks goes out to KNR for confirming that the first pattern I found was written incorrectly (I kept ending up with additional stitches) and finding another that looked the same and worked even better.

Tuesday, January 19

ticket to ride : europe edition

When we were up in Wisconsin this past fall visiting these wonderful friends, they introduced us to a board game called Ticket to Ride Europe. We're hooked. It's awesome. And next time we play, if I can remember and we can set it up correctly, I'm going to attempt to make a time lapse video of the trains being built as the game continues. *Note: I cannot take full credit for this idea, it was my brother-in-law's. But for now, here are some fun shots of the board from this weekend.