Tuesday, January 19

ticket to ride : europe edition

When we were up in Wisconsin this past fall visiting these wonderful friends, they introduced us to a board game called Ticket to Ride Europe. We're hooked. It's awesome. And next time we play, if I can remember and we can set it up correctly, I'm going to attempt to make a time lapse video of the trains being built as the game continues. *Note: I cannot take full credit for this idea, it was my brother-in-law's. But for now, here are some fun shots of the board from this weekend.


kristin noel said...

Next time you're in town, come on over and we'll play! Maybe we can even convince your parents to join us.

Shannon said...

Ticket to Ride is awesome! I had never seen the Europe Edition. Surely it is just as much fun (if not more since Europeans really know how to ride trains!) :-) Thanks for sharing!