Monday, August 17

It's a bird, it's a plane...

On Saturday we went to see the Chicago Air and Water Show and we have the sunburns to prove it. (I'm pretty sure my forehead is medium rare. And yes, I did put sunscreen on, I just forgot my face.) I do have to say this is one event downtown that I don't mind attending with the masses. Mainly, because everyone finds a spot and sits. I can handle that. Plus, they sell roasted corn on the cob. Another point in the "pros" column.

Involved in the show were: U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, U.S. Army Parachute Team Golden Knights, U.S. Navy Parachute Team Leap Frogs, U.S. Coast Guard Air/Sea Rescue... (oh, here's a list of the full program). Let's sum it up by saying it was a great line up, since I'm a bit rusty on all the different planes. Plus, you're here because you want to see the pictures, not listen to me narrate the whole thing. But before we get to them, I just have to say... those F-15/F-16 were awesome. I could have watched them zoom past all day long, especially against the city as a backdrop.

Finding our seats...

Notice they're headed opposite directions? Look carefully.

This was actually part of a very moving display where the 6th plane flew off in another direction, I'm assuming as a tribute to all those they've lost.

Upside down. Crazy.

This plane was awesome and so fast that this is the best picture I could get.

Hello Thunderbirds

INSANE. That's the best way to describe this.

The smoke left behind by all the fly bys.

Wednesday, August 5

knitting again

Ever since KR left, I have been knitting away (as previously mentioned). My most recent project is only in the 'cast on' phase, but I hope to be adding more rows later today. I really can't wait to see how it turns out. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what it will be or even show you the color because... shhhh! It's a secret! Don't tell anyone that you know about it. Okay, I may have, in my excitement, leaked it out to a few people. If you are one of them... keep a lid on it! For the rest of you, here's a sneak peak at the beginnings. I promise to show you the end result once it has been gifted.