Wednesday, July 29

knitting spoils

Due to the recent increase in baby activity around us, I've been knitting up gifts the past few weeks, with more planned for the future. It must be noted that the hoodie could not have been accomplished without my dear friend K. I would have been utterly lost without her help. Seriously. She helped me crank that thing out in a week. But now I know how to knit in the round and a few other snazzy things!

A hat for bringing the baby home from the hospital (it'll be winter time in Chicago... brrrrrr!)

A hoodie for baby c.r.l.

with booties to match!


she said...

awesome hoodie, love the cow button, and CUTE hat and booties too! also, i love the orange bubbles card... ;)

lindsay michele said...

yea, the orange bubbles are pretty great ;)

kristin noel said...

ADORABLE! I am so proud of you! I love how you have taken a little knowledge and gone miles with it. Keep it up!

lindsay michele said...

Well having a good teacher helps inspire for future projects!

Lauren said...

Fantastic job! Kristin just gave me an adorable hat for Beret... I love it and can't wait to put it on her! She's totally inspired me to start knitting, and now you have too!