Monday, July 27

adorable baby c.r.l.

One of my closest friends, E (who married C a few years back) just had their first child. They happened to be traveling out to Michigan for a wedding, so we took the opportunity to drive up there and meet them. Okay, so seeing the baby was my main motivation, I'll be honest. We only had a few hours (it went much too quickly) but I was able to snap a few shots before we left. I told E that I was tempted to just kidnap him and take him home for at least a few days, but I resisted and instead settled for just looking at the pictures an unmentionable number of times.

PS: If you think I had a thing for shoes/feet... baby feet takes it up a whole other notch, trust me. They're just so small and cute. I couldn't help myself. I really couldn't. It was like being drawn in by a magnet.

How do you not love this little foot?
And this little hand?

They're going to be great parents. (I've forgiven C for being a Michigan fan and indoctrinating his child so early. May need to buy some PSU attire in the future to combat that.)


kristin noel said...

Please tell me you got a picture of the gift. I'll be updating the blog shortly.

lindsay michele said...

yes, I did!