Monday, January 14

tea time

i love tea. especially those from celestial seasonings. we toured their factory over the holiday. the peppermint room was so strong that even my defective little nose (i have not been able to really smell anything for quite some time now) could detect the aroma of menthol. it was lovely.

right now i'm addicted to wild berry zinger. it's a delicious way to start the day (and i usually continue it into lunch as i often make myself two pots).

Tuesday, January 8


this isn't going to be a very long post, but i just had to share this delectable photo with you all. it's from a little french pastry shop in breckenridge. it was freezing cold outside and we ran in to warm up and get some hot chocolate. i had my new camera with me and couldn't resist capturing the great colors in the fruit tart.

Monday, January 7

my new love

i told myself that once i got a dslr i would try my very hardest to keep a photo blog.

well, i guess i no longer have an excuse, as my husband surprised me with my Nikon D80 for christmas along with two lenses and memory cards that will hold over a 1000 pictures. so here i go, into the world of photo blogging.

it's all very intimidating, but i shall try.

i spent most of sunday exercising my new camera and lenses. since i also have a Nikon SLR i have a third lens to use on my digital camera, which is quite nice.

i purchased 4 multi-colored bowls and two giant mugs from anthropologie over the holiday and decided to make them the subjects of my photo shoot that morning.

then in the afternoon, i ventured outside to a local park and mentally noted that colorado, if not covered in snow, is very brown in the winter making it a bit more of a challenge to find nature's beauty amidst the melting and mud.

i was able to find a few interesting shots, but it made me long for spring when everything is green. not for long, but at least for a little. i have a while to wait for that though, as it is currently snowing outside my window and the southern mountain range was dumped with nearly three feet of snow this weekend.

i'm still getting the hang of these blog layouts. hopefully i'll settle on something that's conducive to gazing at photographs while not being overwhelmed or having to scroll down the page too much. bare with me. or is it bear with me? i'm never quite sure.