Monday, October 4

| afternoon sun

We played in the fading sunlight and she did not disappoint.

on the other side of the camera, thanks to her...


Lauren said...

Lindsay, that picture of you is GORGEOUS. You just get prettier each year- seriously, I thought you were a "model" for a minute there. Love the light :)

she said...

"one hot asian"....yeah, don't think blogger supports anyone else with that post label :)

sitting here shoveling leftover nacho night spoils into my face.

"it's just...not a good angle for you." (i agree - walrus neck)

this might have been one of my most favorite days ever. in my life. and i'll say it again...there's something stirring about this dreamlike light. i could stare at these images forever (and the "dancing/kung fu on a bench" series).

thanks for this.