Wednesday, June 24


This is my to do list for the day. I find that 1) making it in multiple sharpie colors brings me great joy 2) it's helpful to organize my list by category (listing within a list... do you think there's a diagnosis for that in the DSM-IV?) 3) writing it out so that I can tangibly cross things off is very satisfying 4) and motivating which is why I'm going to leave you now to do numbers 1 and 2 under "house."

*dump (verb): to empty something of its contents, specifically the dishwasher in this case. (I'm not sure it's an actual word but I use it)

Edited to add: You can participate in #2 (under WORK) as well! Just go to National Geographic and submit a photo! But if you win, you must take me to the Galapagos Islands with you!

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