Wednesday, June 10

day three.

When you can't read things online, you start looking at pictures. Hello Flickr. Let me first warn you that hours, and I mean HOURS, can be lost on Flickr. Because of its addictive nature, I really must get off and back to work, but I wanted to share a photographer I found with you. I love what he's done with his son's play toys. It's just brilliant. Maybe one day I'll collaborate with a friend and do something similar. Might need a new lens for that occasion. Hmmm. Christmas list starting in June? I think so.

Seriously, check this guy out, Ed McGowan. That's one of his pictures above. He's the director of design at PlainJoe Studios in CA. Picked up a DSLR a little over a year ago. How crazy is that? Check out the PlainJoe website as well. They've got some great designs and branding. And whaddya know? They seem to have some faith based clients. Always nice to see the Christian realm opting for GOOD design (let's be honest, they're not always on the cutting edge, folks).

This excited me today, not entirely sure why, but it did.

Wonder if they'd hire freelance from Chicago?


kristin noel said...

The inner lego builder in you is attracted to it. I think I know a place you could get some of those little mini figs. :-)

Seriously though, i love the warm tones of the picture. Very life-like.

David said...

Looking forward to collaborating with you in the future. :-)