Friday, June 12

cave canem

In preparation for a photo shoot I'm doing this Sunday I asked a friend of mine if she'd be willing to let her dog be my test subject. (Note to self: schedule dogs in the evening, preferably after a long walk, so that they're too tired to get excited.) B was a great assistant, equipped with treats to encourage sitting and even whistling to get Leah's ears in just the right position. Leah is still a puppy and very much enjoys directing her attention at whatever might be moving around her. Most of the time her head was any direction OTHER THAN the camera.

The numbers: 45 mins of shooting, 142 pictures total, 8 deleted, 111 worth a second look, 34 worth editing, 6 picked for the blog.

"Over here, Leah! Look over here!"
"Almost... but not quite."

"There you go! Now, stay right there."

Probably wanting treats for sitting so long.

She saw something across the street.

Leah likes to sit on your feet, which was perfect because if you haven't noticed, I had a slight love affair with B's shoes.

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