Friday, January 16

um... it got colder?

It does not seem to be warming up yet. M got up at 5 to go to the gym, until we realized it was -15ºF out and I made him crawl back in bed to keep me warm for another hour or so. And then it dropped another degree. I may try to venture out for yoga tonight, since I promised a friend but it's going to take layers of scarves and mittens to keep me warm.

On a warmer note: I stumbled upon this kitchen remodel yesterday via Design*Sponge. And I can't decide if I love the refrigerator or not. I love the idea, I love how it looks, but I realized that it would require keeping a very organized (and clean) refrigerator. I do have a knack for keeping a fairly tidy ice box and have been known to hunt down moldy, expired objects in others' kitchens while house-sitting, but this would take it to a new level.

See what I mean? Could you keep it clean enough?

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