Tuesday, January 6

the gym

Card by : Urban Graphic

After missing out on the gym for two weeks during the holidays, I decided to dive back in and go last night once work was over.

Boy, was that a bad decision. Apparently that was what EVERYONE ELSE was thinking as well. Seriously, I'm pretty sure every resident in our town was there.

I'm that person who goes at the same time, on specific days, picks the same locker, runs on the same treadmill (the one near the row machine that is ever so slightly separated from all the others), showers in the same stall, etc. I'm predictable and I'm okay with that. It's comforting to me.

But last night threw me for a loop. Not only did I have to search for an available locker, I had to wait til something, ANYTHING, opened up on which I could work out. I ended up on an elliptical machine right near the stairs (not my first choice in machine or location!).

Please tell me people end up forgetting about their resolutions and eventually fall back into their habitual patterns because I really liked my half populated, mostly open gym and I'd like it back.

At least I was able to shower in my regular stall. Had to have some consistency in the evening.


gretchensproul said...

Hey Lindsey! Yes, I had the SAME problem at Gold's in Hershey. Everyone and their brother was at yoga. I had nowhere to put my mat!! Dang resolutions!! Don't worry...it will fade. I mean, I guess it's not good that people don't follow through with working out, but it sure makes things easier for those of us who like to keep things familiar!!


lindsay michele said...

Yes, I have yoga Friday night and I fear it will be a similar experience.

Thanks for leaving a comment!

she said...

that card looks familiar....:)