Monday, January 12

another person has my job

Yet again, I found another person who unknowingly has my job. Well not MY current job, but the job I want, the job that would be just right for me. Last time it was the photographer from Philly. This time it's a gal who does "restaurant identity and food packaging." I know that doesn't really sound like much, but it basically means being the designer behind how the food is packaged and presented to the consumer. And doing the same for a restaurant (imagine interior designer + food). Making logos, coming up with a "brand look" for an item so that it is distinctive and easily recognizable in its own right.

Her name is Louise Fili. This is her site. And here are some samples of her work:

Plus, she teaches typography, her work is in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress and she also designs book jackets - need I say more? This woman is cool and I want her job. Oh, and I'm pretty sure she's got Italian roots.
For a sneak peek into her office check out design sponge.


kristin noel said...

So how does one get into the book design arena? And I want that dental cabinet she has in her home. David would love it!

lindsay michele said...

I have no idea how that happens, but it would be fun!

And yes that dental cabinet would be great!

she said...

don't you hate it when that stumble upon someone who's living the life you always envisioned for your own self. then again, it's comforting from the standpoint that it IS possible.