Wednesday, January 28


One of the lovely gifts I received on my birthday was this mug from PaperSource. Unbeknown to the giver of this gift was the fact that I had actually had my eye on this mug for some time, secretly wanting to take it home with me. On Monday it came decked out in a Chinese New Year bag (as it was the Chinese New Year of the Ox) with some very yummy fair trade tea to accompany it.

This morning seemed a good time to try out my new mug and tea. I was not disappointed. The Ceylon Chai is quite lovely, with or without milk. And I fear I may have a new favorite tea company. You can find them right here at They even have a blog where you can read more about small tea farmers and fair trade.

It'll be a nice way to remind myself to "create" even on the days when I don't feel I have anything to contribute. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting the juices flowing. Or in this case, tea.

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