Friday, February 27

photography : jenny wicks

I have my google account set up to send me daily updates of news articles related to CF.* Today CF intertwined with my favorite form of artistic expression, photography! Jenny Wicks, a photographer from the UK, has done a project entitled "Root Ginger." It explores the social, genetic and geographic aspects of red haired individuals.

| Photograph © Jenny Wicks |

The best part is that the proceeds from the various mediums (book, film, exhibition) all go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (UK's version of our Cystic Fibrosis Foundation). How great is that?! Take a minute to look through some of her photographs, they're quite beautiful.

| Photograph © Jenny Wicks |

It's a rainy Friday here. I'm hoping that just means a really green spring. Well, I better get a move on things, I've got a book waiting for me at the library and a gym that needs some working out (or maybe it's me who needs some working out AT the gym!).

* CF=cystic fibrosis

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kristin noel said...

This is why I want a red haired child... exquisite!