Monday, February 2


What a busy, fun, traffic filled, full of friends and food weekend it was! Hope yours was just as enjoyable.

Here's a little something to distract you from the "back to work Monday blues." I found this test browsing this blog and thought it was quite fun. You know you want to try it!

The lower the score the better. Your results show you what areas of the color spectrum are the hardest for you to differentiate. It's pretty hard. I had M do it as well and we both scored the same, with our weakness in the same hue.

Go and do it and come back and share!

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Melanie said...

So I thought, Wow did I score better than L? No, the fine print says a lower score is better, so yeah 24 is probably not the best score, but then again that's probably why I had such a hard time picking colors for the house!