Friday, February 6

lunch excursions

Typically during the lunchtime hours, one of two things happens for me. 1) I grab a quick bite and continuing working while I eat or 2) I go to the gym to workout, take a quick shower and rush back to keep working. Last evening I decided that I would take an actual lunch today and step out of the apartment for reasons other than the gym. (on a side note... if it weren't for the gym and church, I could go weeks without ever leaving our place, seriously - especially in the winter)

So today I will venture out into the heat wave of 38°F. Above freezing! Rejoice! Here's a list of my preplanned destinations:

1. Geppetto's Toy Box on Lake Street. This has become my favorite toy shop since we moved here. The owners are great and the selection is wonderful. It's full of European toys made from wood, building blocks, games that actually make you think and have a strategy, puzzles, dress up clothes... it's just great. I have my first baby shower on Saturday so I'm using that as an excuse to shop there and make a purchase for once. What do you get someone who is having twins that's not cheesy?

2. Possible stop at the library. I love my public library. On my list (yes, I like lists) of books to read, suggested by friends: a)Life Signs b) The Wisdom of Tenderness c) Each Little Bird that Sings d) Chasing Vermeer e) The Wright 3 note: the last 3 are children's books

3. Swing into Starbucks for a lovely afternoon pick me up of Apple Chai. Imagine apple cider with caffeine. I'm not usually a big fan of caffeine, I so rarely ingest it that when I do I feel like my mind is buzzing and I have a hard time staying in my seat, BUT... this is so delicious that I'm willing to take the chance.

4. Trader Joe's: we need milk.

Maybe I'll take my camera along and share my jaunt around town. We'll see. Either way, lunch time sounds lovely today.

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