Tuesday, March 3


I have not been back down this road in seven years. I hardly know what to expect. It seems a bit like a dream, getting foggy around the edges as time passes. Four months spent across the seas, away from everyone and everything that was familiar. Those cobblestones in the road and those buildings made of gritty tufa rock, those formed the foundations of my memories. I wonder what it will look like now, through eyes seven years older, seven years wiser. It is only 17 days away and I still struggle to wrap my thoughts around it. Soon I will be counting the days on my fingers, then with only one hand, then packing, then boarding planes, then waiting and waiting. THEN I shall be there again. My feet will touch the cobblestone and my ears will be filled with foreign sounds. I wonder how it will feel this time around.

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kristin noel said...

I'm so excited you get to go back and share this with the people you love most!