Monday, September 8

home sweet home

Vacation always goes a bit faster than I'd like, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. I also never seem to take as many pictures as I had hoped to at the beginning of the week. Luckily I took enough to give you a little glimpse of life in PA.

I had the realization the other night that the reason I feel like we never get to see everything or do everything is because I'm taking 20+ years of memories and trying to fit them into one week for my husband to experience. That doesn't really work. I have to share it in bits and pieces, over time. Thankfully, he's very good at indulging me and listening to stories that give the things and places I show him relevance.

This is a chalkboard outside a restaurant called Carr's, that sits on a corner right across from Central Market (see previous post). I did a good deal of shooting in downtown Lancaster, right around Heritage Square and I'll be sharing those throughout the week.

The more I look at this I'm not so sure it's actually FOR Carr's. But I know I took it somewhere around there. Hmmm...I'll do some investigating and get back to you!

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