Monday, September 29

card designs

With the addition of my wonderful new rotary paper trimmer (it's awesome), I was inspired to work on some card designs over the weekend. It took me a bit to get my stamping impressions just right. I used a lime, painted black, as my stamp. But the first few tries were a bit too "juicy." The more I used it, the more it dried out, and subsequently, the better the image was that it left on the paper. Here's a little glimpse of how they turned out.

The inside of each envelope is lined with coordinating paper, thanks to these lovely templates at PaperSource!


kristin noel said...


I LOVE LOVE LOVE these designs! You are so creative. I love the stamp and the coordinating envelopes. Great idea too for the polka dots.

Much Love!

she said...

limey polka!

looks fun - glad you found time to be creative! papersource, drool.