Monday, September 22


Even though I don't drink it, I could use some of this today. I awoke with a headache for which my husband kindly offered me ibuprofen and some water, before I drifted off to sleep again. My next waking was brought on by sawing or drilling or pounding or something of the construction persuasion. I tried in vain to cover my head with a pillow, but it did nothing to muffle the noise. Defeated, I got out of bed and started my day.

My only consolation is that the construction happening behind our apartment is for a new building that will house a Trader Joe's. I cannot wait. Trader Joe's is a natural/organic food store with very reasonable prices and a great wine selection! And in a few months (let's hope it doesn't take much longer) I will have one at my backdoor! So, I forgive them for rousting me out of bed, I needed to start work anyways.

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