Tuesday, August 19

farmer's market

This past weekend I finally got a chance to visit the Farmer's Market in town with friends. I grew up picking produce at little stands by the road and frequenting a place the locals call Central Market. (if you're ever in Lancaster County, PA you really must pay it a visit) I believe this is from which my fondness for farmer's markets stems. It can be a bit overwhelming, so many options, so many stands selling what appears to be the same thing... but it's so fun! And it's wonderful to watch the seasons change through the produce, as corn comes in late summer and pumpkins begin to welcome fall.
I tried my best to be sensible and not get carried away with myself. We came home with one onion, three tomatoes (which have been lovely lunchtime snacks, sprinkled in salt and sugar), 1/2 dozen ears of butter and sugar corn (quite delicious at dinner last night), green beans and a jar of raw honey (a great addition to my morning tea). That qualifies as a successful trip to me!

On a side note: A little web tip for you. Ever have unusually long URLs that you would like to shorten when copying and pasting to send to someone? Try TinyURL. It's pretty nifty!

Edited to add: I almost forgot! I also got peaches (they came recommended, thanks Becky!) and they are delicious as well!


Melissa said...

I se
em to see a lot of posts about farmer's markets lately! You are all lucky ducks! I have Safeway, that's it (within 30 miles or so, but then you only get another Safeway!).

I miss a good farmer's market.

lindsay said...

You're right! I posted mine and then found at least two more today talking about farmer's markets. Must be the season.

I'll buy up some goodies next time, in your honor!