Thursday, August 7

iMac appreciation

I just have to take a moment to let you know how much I'm enjoying our iMac. This past weekend my kind husband helped me install Parallels. Okay, more like he installed it and I watched, doing my best to understand what the forums had to say about it all. What a marvelous thing (once we got over a few hiccups)!

Just to give you some background, there are a few things for my job that require me to work in Windows. I was previously working in Boot Camp all day because of this. And while this was fine, it was unfortunate not to be able to take full advantage of our Mac. Parallels allows you to open a virtual machine with in Mac and run Windows applications. This enables me to boot into Mac, use all the fun Mac features in Leopard while still accessing Windows if I need to during the day.

My new joy is using Spaces. Can I tell you how awesome it is?
(this is apparently nothing new as Linux has had it for years, but I'm not savvy enough to know Linux)
I can organize my work into four spaces. Let me show you!

Space 1 and Space 2:

Space 3 and 4:

How cool is that? (very) And it's a simple Ctrl+arrow key to move between the spaces. It's so much nicer than trying to manage like 10 different windows between all my apps and browser tabs. As you can tell I'm enamored.

I think back to my college days with my Gateway laptop and just shake my head. I had no clue what the possibilities could be! I've learned so much in the past 4 years thanks to a patient, live-in IT guy (aka: my husband) and a job that forces me outside of my "only Word and Internet" comfort zone.

Go visit your nearest Apple store and see for yourself! Just you wait, one of these days an iPod Touch is going to make it's home here too.

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