Wednesday, October 14

life. got. busy.

Sometimes life gets busy. I look up and all of a sudden it has been a month since I've posted an entry. It's already half way through October and I'm still not sure where September went. I fear it will be December and I'll still be carving pumpkins at the rate I'm going.

Instead of listing the million and one things that crammed themselves onto our calendar and prevented me from having the time or energy to post, I'll simply share with you a few images from our recent trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.

*note: if you want to go to myrtle beach, early october is the perfect time to do it. the water is still reasonably warm and you practically have the ocean all to yourself.


Lauren said...

Seriously. I was about to email you to find out if you were ok. MIA for a month is a long time! Love SC... :)

Kevin Visel said...

Good tp see you on the blog again. I can totally relate to wondering where the time went. I feel like Spring gave Summer a leave and skipped right over to Fall. Sounds like it was a good time to have a vacation :)

she said...

you know how i feel about light on water. i'm ruined for the day.

what stood out to me? that little triangle of GREEN roof in the first photo.

i also like how these pictures and the editing capture the brightness of a sunny day --- i almost have to squint to look at them, much like i would if i'd actually been there!