Monday, October 19

| day one of thirty.

Today was day one. I went for a short walk in the middle of a bright day. Not really the time for a lens you want to shoot at an F stop of 1.8. My shutter speed was 4000 at one point. Ha. What was I thinking?

I was thinking I have to do this or else I'll never start. Much like running again. Though I haven't started that yet.

More to follow. Starting out slow. Again, just like running.


she said...

starting is the hardest part. and you've already done it. and it only took ONE extremely mild butt kicking gchat comment. i'd say you're off to an excellent beginning. keep it coming. half of life is just showing up. and sometimes i think that's the hardest half.

unique, visually interesting image.

[word verification: PROOKLE. i think that's the word of the day.]

Kevin Visel said...

May I be so bold as to offer a challenge? Think of a great reason why you SHOULD shoot at f/1.8 on a bright sunny day. I'd like to see the image that results :) Also, it's time we plan a visit for you guys - shoot me an email unless I beat you to it!

Lauren said...

ugh. Running. I keep wanting to start, but it's so hard. It's so good to do but so difficult to get the motivation started...