Monday, November 17


Last night we walked to the theater to watch Quantum of Solace, the newest installment of 007. We exited the theater a little less than 2 hours later to find ourselves among some of the fattest snowflakes I've seen in a while. It was officially our first snow. It didn't really stay on the ground as I hoped it might, but that's okay. I'm sure there will be more to come.

I realize that the composition is a bit of a no-no, being cut down the middle a bit, but oh well. I like the car lights left behind by someone who crossed the intersection, so I'm forgiving the composition for the moment.


she said...

why is it a "no no" to have something down the middle of a picture? (i'm not asking because i think it should be a "yes yes" and i really like it, i'm just curious like that.)

lindsay michele said...

typically you're taught to work in thirds or with an "s" curve for pictures...helps guide the eye through the picture better than splitting it up in half (either vertically or horizontally).