Tuesday, November 18

christmas cards

Here's a sneak peak of the cards I've been working on recently...with embossing!

The original design on computer:

And then, printed and embossed with clear powder:

This is another design I'm working on:


kristin noel said...

Sooo awesome! I love the embossing. I remember doing it as a kid. I wish we were closer so we could get together, make a mess, and create together! One day right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay,
I'm Lauren Hammack's Mom, Barb. Lauren has you listed on her blog site and I visit sometimes. I am inspired by your creativity and images! MY background is in Art Ed. and I did embossing with my students years ago and can no longer find the materials I used then. I'd like to incorporate some embossing into some printmaking. Can you tell me how you get that embossed effect? or is that a trade secret?.....
barb.kearns@gmail.com thanks and keep up the good work!!...Barb