Sunday, November 2

a dog's life

We dog sat over the weekend for one of my best friends and her husband. While it was enjoyable to have a dog around, I was quickly reminded of why we do not have one (yet). I wasn't even 24 hours into dog sitting when I found myself dozing off on the couch. Unfortunately, this was just about the time when he got the idea that he wanted to go out (probably for a walk) as he began a slight whimper combined with pacing around the coffee table. As I rose to put my shoes on (bleary eyed and half asleep - since it was my idea to do this) my ever so kind husband and his brother offered to take the dog out themselves (while I quickly returned to my sleeping state). This only proved to reaffirm the fact that having dogs (or kids) would require a team effort. So for now we will stay dependent-less and enjoy the freedom immensely.

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