Friday, November 7

by candlelight

Today (and yesterday) I have been working by candlelight. We had a bit of a warm spell that is now giving way to cooler temperatures again and cloudy skies. I thought it was just about the right time to start pulling out the tea lights. Now, don't worry, I also have a window and the glow of a large monitor, so I'm not totally reliant upon candles to see. But it does add a nice ambiance to my office on these scarf and hat inducing days.


she said...

i, of course, envy this. candles, flowers, too much personal flourish (i.e. excessive clutter of family, friend, or pet photos), and anything remotely fashionable is prohibited by the hospital. okay, so i'm getting facetious, but the candles and the live flowers are true. on the other hand, i'm sure it would be hard to motivate myself to freakin' work if i could decorate / accessorize my work area as i pleased. it would look like a freakin' roman catholic church in there, i'd light so many candles!!!

i think that was sacreligious. oopsie.

back to the fluorescent hell...

she said...

word of the day = freakin'