Friday, May 22

Pop Quiz (sort of)

Yesterday was a full day, and the soles of my feet can testify to that this morning. The Art Institute was a flurry of people. Did you know you can take photographs of any permanent exhibit in the Museum so long as you don't use a flash? Pretty cool. So, as part of your 10 cent tour of the AI in Chicago, 100 points to the person who can name the artists in the following 6 snap shots. Double points if you can actually name the piece.

And, to wrap up our "mini week" here at But A Shadow, I give you the mini art institute modern wing:


kristin noel said...

1. Chagall
2. Monet waterlillies variation?
3. Cassatt?
4. George Seurat "Sunday Afternoon in the Park"
5. Van Gogh
6. Toulese Latreac

lindsay michele said...

So close!

Try again on 1,3 and 5 (hint: you already guessed one them - he's in here twice!)

kristin noel said...

1. Frank Lloyd Wright
3. Renoir
5. Monet

lindsay michele said...


I'll just give it to you...
#3 is Gustave Caillebotte "Paris Street: Rainy Day"

Thanks for humoring me and playing along :)

Lauren said...

oh how I miss Chicago's Art Institute! Do they still have those days where you can pay "anything" to get in? Keith and I would wander around after using our pocket change to get in :) I think one of the things I like best about the AI is that the building is almost as interesting as the artwork... I'll have to check out the new wing... next time I make it out there!

lindsay michele said...

L: Unfortunately, no. I remember those days as well, but no longer. In fact prices are going up in June to 18! But Thursday evenings from 5-8 are free. So I guess that's when I'll be going!