Tuesday, May 19

More Minis

Now that I know how, I'm just having fun! Here's Mini Chicago:

PS: In an effort to practice my "photographing people" skills, I'm planning my first Anniversary shoot for one of my best friends, hopefully in the next month or so. Let's hope it turns out well enough that I want to share the results with you!

Taking pictures of inanimate objects is really easy, they're not going to judge your work. But people... people are scary. They have opinions and they know how they'd like to look and well, frankly all that is quite intimidating. Not to mention the fact that I browse photography blogs nearly every day of very talented photographers who do it so well that I'm paralyzed by the fear of not measuring up. Unfortunately, this means I never practice, which means I never get any better. So, once again, I'm learning that honing my skills often means making mistakes (or just not being great) and doing that is the only way I'll ever progress.

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