Monday, May 18


Last week was an inadvertent vacation from blogging. I thought about posting many times and just never got around to it. See my musings on this here. But in an effort to get back on track, I thought I'd share with you my "Mini Italy." I know it sounds odd... but just wait til you see the pictures. They almost look like miniature models, especially the last one.

(Confession: Before you view these pictures I just want you to know that I war with myself about post picture taking editing. If I had my choice I would take pictures like Ansel Adams who rarely ever had a bad negative. Each frame was perfectly exposed through careful calculations of the dark and light areas of the picture. It was a detailed and deliberate process. I like the idea of knowing how to take the perfect picture without needing any post production fingering. But that said, I am not there yet, and so, I am learning the process of editing. I don't know how I feel about deliberately altering what was captured so that it no longer testifies to what was truly there but that's a whole other issue. For now, I'm just going to take joy out of learning new things and sharing them with you.)


kristin noel said...

That's really neat! I love the miniature fact I've always wanted to see Queen Mary's dollhouse because it is so completely miniature. How do you do that?

lindsay michele said...

What I'd like to say: Magic!

The true and simple answer: Photoshop