Monday, October 20

getting stuck, momentarily

Last week, I was cleaning up in anticipation of my cousin coming to visit and as part of that clean up, I was taking out the trash. Stepping out onto our back porch I placed the bag on the floor (to be taken down to the dumpster at a later time) and released the door from my hand in order to walk over to the railing and soak up some afternoon sun. After sufficiently warming in its rays, I grasped the handle and tugged the door open. Only, it would not open. I then realized I had not "unlocked" the latch on the screen door. At first glance, this may seem like a small problem, as the landlord works just downstairs and could easily let me back in. A quick look around the back porch reveals another door that accesses the stairs leading down. This we keep dead bolted at all times. So, that means I was stuck on a small back porch of trash bags, between two locked doors and no way of getting anywhere. I stood there for a minute or two thinking, "I did NOT just do this. I did NOT just do this." (To compound the issue I had just put a pot on the stove to boil eggs) In one desperate attempt to get back in, seeing no other way, I grabbed the screen door handle and pulled with all my might. "CLICK" It sprung open and I quickly ran inside, breathing a sigh of relief while considering just how little the lock on the screen door actually does! Next time, I think I'll take my keys with me!

PS: On the right of this picture you can see the table I had previously mentioned.


kristin noel said...

So how does it happen that both of us lock ourselves out of our homes in the span of several days?

she said...

woulda liked to see the tiny lindsay dwarf yanking the freakin door open. did you put your tiny foot to the side of the door to give yourself leverage?


(p.s. i am ONLY laughing b/c this had a good ending and your eggs didn't burn down the building. had this been a traumatic story, i would never laugh wickedly like i just did. wanted that to be clear...)

lindsay michele said...

knr: we're just that good.

kjk: it's true. i used the one muscle i had, luckily it was enough!