Wednesday, October 15

evening in selenium tones

Last night I had some spare time after dinner and decided to try some pictures from our back porch. Or is it a deck if you're on the third floor? I'm not quite sure. The weather was great last night, we opened up our windows and let it cool off the apartment to a nice 70 degrees (it had been 75 at one point earlier this week). It's amazing that just a few drops in temperature can feel so different.

We have a broom out on our back porch which I use now and again to brush away the little pieces of crumbled brick that appear from time to time. My guess is that some birds like to sit on the piping that comes out of the roof overhead, because every so often I find their droppings on the wooden slats below. Up against the wall is, I believe, what used to be a functional table that could fold down to be used for dining. It has over time been painted with various coats of paint, so many in fact, that it is permanently stuck to the wall. There are times when I'm tempted to pull with all my might to see if it will release itself from the layers of paint, but then I get scared that I'll break it and since it is not our place, I refrain. But that doesn't mean I don't day dream about sitting out there on a cool night, watching the traffic go by and the visitors come and go from the retirement community behind us, while sipping on hot tea on a cute little fold out picnic table.

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