Thursday, October 2


Okay, Autumn, I'm ready for you. Bring your cooler temperatures and your brisk winds. I've pulled out my scarves, vests, jackets and wool socks in preparation. But, um, Autumn? Please don't get too cold because all I have left are knitted hats and mittens and I was really hoping to save those for when Winter came around.

PS: That lovely scarf keeping my neck snugly warm is thanks to my dearest friend, Kristin.

PPS: I just discovered a flash setting on my camera, which allows the flash to be released both at the initial opening of the shutter as well as at the very end, creating two frozen images with a blur in between. Fun! Fun!

Edited to add: I just put some banana bread in the oven.
I love how cooler weather makes baking all the more enticing.

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kristin noel said...

I loved knitting that scarf for you, but I'm astounded at how beautiful it actually is! Not just because I made it, but because it is just so perfect with your style and hair and well... the photographer is my dearest friend and she just is amazing!