Thursday, March 20

windy city

our adventures in the windy city were quite fun. we had wonderful weather (the sun was out for 3 of the 4 days i was there, which i count as great!) and got to spend some great time with friends.

it's an enjoyable city to walk around in. i strolled up and down michigan avenue for most of the day last friday. the crate and barrel store is 5 floors! it was shopping bliss.

then i stumbled upon this: a hershey's store in chicago.

forgive me, but having visited chocolate world many a time as a child (and even as a teenager) i was a bit amused by this recreation of the factory right here in downtown. for a mere $14.95 you could get a little factory worker's hat, a tin pail, and a photo of yourself spinning random wheels on a giant tube, with lights flashing all to get some chocolate to pour out into your pail. i actually got to see some lovely tourist (i must assume it was a tourist, i mean what chicago native in their right mind would do such a thing?) partake in this lighted chocolate extravaganza. it was fairly amusing. and all i could think was... "they are so missing out on not being able to experience the rotating floors you encounter when trying to board the ride at chocolate world" (because let's face it, for those of you that have been there, that's the most exciting part). so if you're ever in the hershey's store in chicago, please know that the actual hershey, pa has much more fun to offer.

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kristin said...

that's absolutely hysterical! i can't believe the stupidity of people, but then again chocolate world is still fun when one is totally bored. so i guess i'm as silly as another--except i refuse to pay for my fun. :-)