Thursday, March 27


apparently patience is a fruit of the spirit that the Lord is still refining in me, because i am certainly lacking it today. we are still waiting to hear about the offer, and i seriously think i might gnaw my arm off in anticipation. i've been up and down from my desk so many times this morning you'd think me a close relative to a mexican jumping bean. we won't even go into the number of visits i've made to the bathroom (it doesn't help that i'm on my 4th cup of tea). each phone call is a dash of hope that it's our realtor only to be quickly dismissed when i see the caller ID. patience. this whole process takes lots of patience and i know the Lord is putting me through the fire so that i come out all refined and shiny, but man, if i'd known it was going to take so long i might have suggested working on a different fruit of the spirit.

why isn't rest (aka napping) a fruit of the spirit? i'd love to learn more of that one!

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