Friday, March 21

sigh of relief

well, as tiring as it may have been, our trip to chicago was a success! we found an apartment and it's quite adorable. we will be living on the third floor again (i seem to have a thing for third floors, as i have lived on the third floor of whatever building i was in since my freshman year of college - no joke). we're right downtown, within walking distance of a paper source store and a borders bookstore (and lots of other cute shops). what you can't see from these pictures is the massive living room at the front our apartment. you can only see through the entry way from the dining room (hence, the chandelier hanging there) and get a glimpse of the one window. it actually has three windows across the front and another one on the left hand side. with a decorative fireplace/mantel on the right side of the room. the room itself is 24x14.5, so we will need to find a way to use up all that space! we don't have tons of closet space, which i will miss, but i do get a butler's pantry (swinging door and all)!

all that to be said, it is a huge relief to know that we have a place waiting for us on May 1. and it was quite obvious that this was where the Lord wanted us because the other places we looked didn't even come close to measuring up.

work has been insanely busy for both of us and there seems to be so much going on right now that i am very much looking forward to a quite weekend to just rest and relax, hopefully. i'm already anticipating a nice mid day nap on saturday AND sunday.

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