Monday, April 13

a day off... sort of

I'm attempting a day off, though it's already included about 2 hours of work.

Oh well. I'm trying.

So, as any day off for me contains, here is my "to do list." Please note the last item. This is truly a treat for me, if I do indeed actually get there. I often think of going but by the end of the day have run out of time. Not today! Today I will GO!

PS: Yes, I am wearing a hoodie sweater. And yes, I've been walking around the apartment for the last 4 hours with the hood up. It's my day off... I get to look funny if I want to, especially when I'm at home shuffling around by myself.


Collin said...

#7 looks like work. But you appear to have already checked that one off.

she said...

yes, uber dorkdom at its highest.

Leslie Gates said...

so, when do we get the rest of the M story? I can't stand the suspense.

Angela said...

So...did you make it to the library???