Saturday, April 18

beep, beep, beep...

... we interrupt your scheduled broadcast to bring you "A Photography Date with Myself."

Friday was sunny and nearly 70. I had a few hours to spare in the morning, so inspired by a friend's recent "date," I set off on my own, with my camera and my wavy hair. If you don't know already, which I'm not sure you do, because I don't often share this; I love my hair when it's curly. I feel most creative when I let it do it's own thing. It's almost as if the freedom I allow my hair slowly trickles into my creative juices and they start to flow.

It was lovely. I should take myself on dates like this more often.


Lauren said...

I love your curly hair too- you should let it come out to play more often :)

lindsay michele said...

Thanks! It works best when it's humid or rainy out. That's when it starts to take a life of its own.