Monday, December 1

december brings with it snow and other tales from the holiday

Well! It's officially December, which I hardly cannot believe. I'm not nearly ready for the Christmas season and it's already underway. We woke up to a fresh layer of snow on the ground this morning! I guess it really is becoming winter.

The holiday went much too quickly and only now am I realizing I hardly took any pictures amidst the flurry of it all! Oh well.

The turkey turned out wonderfully! So good in fact, that I'm tempted to try another. Yea for brining! (see previous post) The results are below:

Our full list included:
Artichoke/Spinach dip with toasted french bread
Party Mix (both thanks to our new friend Beth)
Turkey (as seen above) w/ stuffing and gravy
Cranberry sauce (of the lovely gelled in a can variety)
Lancaster County off the cob corn
Green bean casserole (a staple)
Twisted bread sticks
Parmesan Mashed Potatoes (thank you Barefoot Contessa)
Candied Yams
Both Pumpkin and Apple pies (thanks to Mel)

Hope yours was just as enjoyable!

PS: I must add that I had wonderful help in the kitchen via my sister in law, who gave me moral support throughout the roasting process AND made the stuffing.


she said...

i think raw poultry is NASTY so i could barely read your last post. this post-oven bird, however, looks delicious. well done, and you are a master of everything being in its place / perfect / flawless as always.

p.s. my word verification is "kierear." interesting.

lindsay michele said...

only when other people are coming over... you should see my kitchen right now, it looks like it exploded on itself.

she said...

it's good to know even the masters have their days.