Monday, May 12


today i decided to take a little break from work and walk to the public library to sign up for a library card. i was also hoping to find the book that my recently joined book club is reading. it's about an 8 minute walk down lake street to the library. it was quite pleasant out today and i quickly noted that i probably had on one layer too many. the library is three floors and quite lovely. i'll have to go back when i have more time to learn my way around. while they did not have a copy of the book i was looking for (they did in fact have two, just both checked out) i had to come home with something from my outing. after a brief perusal of the aisles on the third floor, i came home with these lovelies in the picture. due back on june 2nd. let's hope i get to them in time!


kristen said...

so how long did this "quick-arrange" of the books take for their photo shoot? and what is that fabric on the right? (nice touch, by the way)

is it a bird? a plane? a shirt?


lindsay said...

it's my "go everywhere" tote bag. a friend made two for me for my bridal shower. they're great for groceries, or just hauling things places.

kristin noel said...

Linds...Here is a book to add to your list: The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall. There is also a sequel now. It's a kid book, but you'll love it! hugs.

The Noisy Plume: said...

The Penderwicke!!!!
By all means!!!!!!

Your floor looks nice:)