Friday, May 30

the ballpark

it really doesn't matter who is playing, i always enjoy going to the ballpark. the smell of the food (when i could smell), the crowds of people, the crack of the bat as it hits the ball, the freshly mowed grass in perfect lines... i enjoy it all.

last night a bunch of us went to wrigley to watch the cubs play the rockies. it seemed fitting, having just moved from colorado and cheered the rockies into the world series last season, that we would go to a game featuring the teams of both our new home and old.

the weather was great, slightly cool, but the rain held off, so i can't complain. we sat up in the upper deck, which really had a better view than i anticipated. it was neat to watch it slowly get darker as the game went on.

the best part of the night (aside from the company, that is) was the food. maybe it was because i was so hungry, i don't know, but it was delicious. our first trip to the concession stand netted 2 jumbo hot dogs and two soft pretzels with cheese, one for each of us. now i know in my head that the warm, gooey cheese is processed and does not at all retain the values of normal cheese, but oh is it yummy. with a pink lemonade to wash it all down, that seemed to do the trick. for an hour or so. then it was onto trip number two. and yes, i'm slightly proud and slightly ashamed to admit that i got another jumbo hot dog. it was marvelous. i'm normally not such a huge fan of hot dogs, but for some reason, last night they were marvelous.
cubbies ended up pulling out a win over the rockies, who made it look like they might upset. we made it home just in time for the rain to start. all in all, a great night at the ballpark.

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